What is “Request another local number” and how it works?

What is “Request another local number”?

In order to make international calls, we are using local numbers to connect you with your international destination. For example if I’m calling from US my temporary local number is 1(646) 432-6822

In some cases, depending of your mobile plan you may be charged for local calls also. In order to prevent unexpected expenses for you, please take a look at the local number displayed on call confirmation dialog right before making call.


If you need other local number, then let us now which number you would prefer by using request another local number. We work hard to add as many local numbers as possible, to make your calling experience better and cheaper.

How to request another local number?

You can request preferred local number right from inside the app in 2 different ways:

1. Directly from Settings tab.

Just type your preferred local number and tap on “Submit” button.

2. Before making call.

Just go to Account > Settings, turn on “Confirm local number”and before making call you will see, the local number (to which we are going to dial to connect you with your international destination number). If it is not preferred local number for you, tap on “Request another local number” button. In new dialog type your preferred local number and “Submit” it.

After making request for another local number, we will work hard to add it as soon as possible*, and this new number will be associated with your number. In other words all your calls now will be dialed though that local number.


* Due to high demand for various local numbers, we may have to skip some of requested numbers.