Use AVTMobile to make international calls with cheapest rates ever

Wants to call your friends abroad with cheap rates and with excelent voice quality, visit and follow steps mentioned below.

Step 1.
Enter your destination number, get per minute rate and press “one more step >”.

Step 2.
Select your country(for now we are supporting US, Canada and UK *), enter your phone number(without country code) and press “get your local number”.

Step 3.
Now you have a local number, which you can use to get to your destination number. But before making call, you need to add your AVTMobile credits. Just select the amount of money and press PayPal button. Also for each PayPal payment you will get 10% bonus.
Finally, you can call to the local number from your phone to reach your destination number.

* For now people from US, Canada and UK can use our website or apps to make international calls.