New update for AVTMobile iPhone App(v1.1.3)

New update for AVTMobile iPhone App(v1.1.3)

We are happy to announce new update for our iPhone App.

We have done bug fixing in this version, especially IOS 4 problem have been solved, to request preferred local number, before making call. We are working hard to add as many numbers as possible. And now IOS 4 users also can request preferred local number right from inside the app, before making call. Just go to Account > Settings, turn on “Confirm local number”.


Before making call you will see the local number, to which we are going to dial to connect you with your international destination number. If it is not preferred local number for you, request another one, by touching “Request another local number” button.

Hurry up, update AVTMobile new version and start to make international call with cheapest rates ever!