What is VOIP

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Starting from today we’ll be updating our blog regularly with the latest news in VOIP industry.

Topic for today will be a short intro about VOIP, what it is, and why to use it.
VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol, in other words this is a phone service provided through Internet.
If you have a good quality Internet connection, you will be able to get a phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of your local phone company.

Some of us are using VOIP in addition to our traditional phone service. One of the great advantages of using VOIP is that VOIP services usually have lower rates than traditional phone companies. This is particularly true in the area of long distance rates, with many VoIP service providers offering variety of plans with unlimited long distance calling at a low monthly flat rates.

The other area where VOIP service provides significant advantages is available features. Because of the fact that VoIP is a digital technology, the feature set is extensive compared to traditional telephone service. Some of the available VoIP features do not even exist in the traditional market, while others are greatly enhanced. Besides the advantage of having these features available, some of them can be used to achieve significant cost savings as well.

One of the unique features of VOIP is virtual phone numbers, which is also can be used to reduce costs. Since VOIP is not tied to specific geographic location, providers are able to assign any area codes available for a given number. This allows you to choose any area code, even if you are not physically located in that area. You will pay a small surcharge for this option, but the cost savings are significant. There are a couple of ways to save money by using a virtual phone number.

Disadvantages of using VOIP might be the following: sometimes VOIP doesn’t offer 911 service, phone directory listings, 411 service, or other common phone services.

While many VOIP providers offer these services, industry-wide consistent means of this kind of offerings are still developing.

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