AVTMobile iPhone App

Introducing our new AVTMobile App!


The main idea behind AVTMobile app was to have simple yet inexpensive way to reach our friends  and families outside of United States.

Phone still remains the main communication channel for most of our friends abroad. Even though here in United States most of us use smartphones with Internet, the quality of connection yet not allowing us to have stable conversations over the Internet.

At the same time we don’t like using annoying calling cards and services, we don’t like to memorize international phone numbers, then scratch and type long PIN numbers.

All we need is to open app, choose our contact and call. And you can do it with AVTMobile app.

NO NEED to memorize international numbers, or scratch cards.
NO NEED for WiFi or stable 3G *.

ALL YOU NEED is just type or select a number you want to call and AVTMobile will make a local call instead.

It’s that simple!

And right before connecting you AVTMobile app shows you the exact current rate

At AVTMobile, we believe calling abroad should be fun, inexpensive, and easy. Because of this vision we work hard to keep our rates incredibly low. Check out our rates here.