How to use AVTMobile Android app?

Since we have launched AVTMobile Android app, it is time to introduce you our app in more details.

How to register?
1. At first you need to download app from Google play. Click here to download
2. Open app, select your country, enter your number and Press “Continue”.
For example` if your number is +123456789. You need to choose USA and type your number(23456789) without country code(+1).

3. Choose one of the options to receive access pin.
3. After getting access pin, enter it and enjoy our app. If you have any troubles with pin, you can contact with our Customer service ( and we will solve your problem asap.

How to make calls and how to know the rate per minute?
You can make calls either from keypad, by typing phone number with country code(e.g. 00914444444) or from “Contact” tab. While connect you with your international destination, you will see the rate for that destination.

Important: Your device caller id have to be active, while making calls via AVT Mobile. For more info about Caller ID click here

How to add AVTMobile credits ?
Here are 2 options to add AVTMobile credits.
– If you have promo code, go to Account->Apply Promo code and insert it.
– Buy AVTMobile credits via PayPal and you will get 10% bonus for each PayPal payment.

How to get rates ?
Go to Account->”Countries and Rates” and type country name.

Have a problem?
Go to Account->Report problem and describe your problem. Our Customer Service will contact you asap.