AVTMobile: Invite friend and earn $5 free credit

We have made easy for you to invite friends to AVTMobile and earn extra credits.

What are the benefits of “Invite Friend” feature ?
1. Your friend will not only enjoy our premium calling quality and low rates, but also will get $1 free credit. Also you will be able to make free calls between each other, since both of you will be AVTMobile iPhone users.
2. You will get $5 free credit, immediately after your friend does it’s first payment.

How can you send invitation and get $5 free credit ?

Step 1. Login to AVTMobile app and go to “Account”->”Earn Free Minutes”->”Invite Friends – earn $5″. Different options are available (Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS) for sending/sharing your invitation via personal invite link(e.g. www.avtmobile.com/?ref=a149). Choose one of the option for sending/sharing invitation.

Step 3. After sending invitation, your friend need to open invite link(a.g. www.avtmobile.com/?ref=a149) in mobile browser and submit his phone number.

Step 3. After submitting phone number, your friend may download the AVTMobile app from App Store.

Related: Your friend need to use only your personal invitation link(e.g. www.avtmobile.com/?ref=ab123) and not www.avtmobile.com

After it’s first payment, you will get your $5 free credit.