Saving Money While Using a Small Business VOIP System

Have you ever wished that there was a small business VoIP system that you could avail of? Or have you ever thought about way that could limit your long distance voice charges, maybe by being able to speak and hear your correspondent on real time over the Internet? Today VOIP is a growing industry that will soon take over the world.

VoIP is becoming the method of telecommunications of choice for many businesses, whether they’re big multi-international corporations or work-at-home set ups. The reason for this is VoIP has many diverse features and capabilities that will effectively serve large companies, but is simple and affordable enough to be used by smaller businesses.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a system of telecommunication where voice is transmitted over the Internet. In this respect, VoIP is great for small businesses because no matter how far away your customers are or how long they stay on the phone asking about your products or services, you pay only a certain fee for the use of VoIP, making big savings on both local and international calls. Now, you can make inquiries, call clients, network and follow up suppliers, without worry of racking up a large phone bill.

If you’re worried that VoIP might be too technologically advanced for a small-scale start-up company, be assured that VoIP’s platform made to work as a user-friendly software, and developed to work well with non-techies as well. Also, your VoIP provider should be able to install the entire system with no hassles for you, and offer 24-hour customer care.

Having VoIP means having an additional phone line in your office, offering many features that you might have to pay additional fees for on a normal phone line, such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, voice mail, call restriction, malicious call trace, intercom dialing, and automatic redial. Of course, VoIP is not merely an extra phone; it features many other benefits that you won’t find on your regular telephone. As Internet is integrated into the service, you’ll be able to customize your phone book with your address book in your email server, integrate VoIP into your Microsoft Outlook, and make video calls, using your computer monitor as a video screen.

This is definitely another valuable benefit of VoIP for small businesses is real time teleconferencing, with some hosts offering four-way conferencing between clients, with accompanying call logs and automatic transcriptions. Also, during your online real-time conference, you can send and receive large files and view them immediately, which makes it easier and faster to close deals and complete negotiations. When talking to more than one person, you can also choose which person you are talking to will receive your files. Such possibilities were unthinkable before VoIP.

Presently, many countries, not just the US, Hong Kong, and selected advanced countries in Europe, are subscribing to VoIP services. The use of big and small business VoIP is steadily growing in several Eastern European countries, South America and Asia.