Must See Places in Mexico: A Travel Bucket List 

When it comes to vacation spots, Mexico is considered to be one of the hottest destinations.
However, besides what the eye can meet at the perfect beaches and all-inclusive resorts filled with tourists, Mexico has so much more to offer.

Here we have made a list that will only scratch the surface of possibilities but will help you complete your Mexico travel bucket list.


1. Visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itz


2. See migrating monarch butterflies at Reserva Mariposa Monarca


3. Check out Eco-Archaeological Park at Xcaret


4. Go whale watching in Cabo San Lucas


5. Climb around the ruins in Coba


6. Watch the sunset at Land’s End


7. Take a tour in Frida Kahlo’s lifelong house


8.  Wonder at Las Pozas surrealist gardens


9. Explore Cancun’s underwater museum


10. Take a balloon ride over a Teotihuacan pyramids