You want your home phone service run smoothly – get the necessary equipment

VoIP phone service letting us make phone calls and receive them through internet instead of the usual telephone networks. However, we need certain type of hardware to accomplish that. There are a lot of companies providing different solutions in this area. Before making the final decision to subscribe to internet phone, you should also look for the different internet connection options and choose one with wide broadband.
Usually when buying an internet connection specifically for internet phone, people often forget that the internet connection they are subscribing to not for the phone alone. An internet connection with just enough speed to run the internet phone won’t suffice when you use the connection for other data type transfers as well such as browsing, video steaming and large documents sharing online. Internet connection should be much faster than required for VoIP phone, so you can accomplish different tasks at the same time with a single connection. Here is some equipment examples that you would need to easily run your phone service.


ATA – Analog Telephone Adapter is a must piece of equipment in order to run the internet phone. This equipment acts as a hub and connects the telephone with the VoIP digital phone. When you are using a PC to PC VoIP then all you need is software that is installed on your PC and the other PC with which you wish to communicate and an internet connection will connect both the PCs without any equipment needed. ATA is used for dedicated VoIP services.

Handsets and headsets

Handsets are important to fully utilize your internet phone service. Handsets can be connected to the PC through a USB port and used anywhere in home or office. The main function of headsets is for making and receiving phone calls through computer. It has a speaker with which you can listen to a person at the other end and the mic provides you the facility to speak. This particular hardware is only required when you want to use your computer to make and receive phone calls. Headset makes it easy for you to listen to different calls and you don’t even need to hold your handset for a very long time.

Proper hardware equipment is very important in for VoIP service. Good quality equipment not only converts the voice perfectly which makes the phone usage experience more pleasant, but you can enjoy better sound quality too.


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