We are So Proud! Excellent iTunes Ratings and Reviews!

AVT Mobile provides the convenient and inexpensive way to make international calls.

Every single feedback of our customers is extremely important for us. Your validation is the best indicator that we are on the right road.

We are exceptionally proud of our iTunes Ratings and Reviews.

Here are some of our iTunes customer’s feedback:

Very good Customer Service– I reached out to their customer service and within a couple of days the issues were resolved and I was notified by a representative”

Excellent– Love this app for my international calls you can hear all clear”

Peru Direct– Awesome rates to call directly to my country, really happy with this great app. You should try!”

Excelente claridad, el mejor precio por minute– Habia estado buscando una aplicacion: la cual, me diera un buen precio per minute y que la claridad de la llamada fuera Buena y al fin la encontre. La recomiendo 100%”

Love it Is the cheapest way to call family in Mexico”

Good application– Nice application for international calls, very cheap”

Fast and Simple– Is good, cheap, and fast”

Quality and Price– This is it”

Amazing– Absolutely love it”

Awesome– Wonderful rates and excellent call clarity”

Very clear connection– So far the best app I used to call abroad”

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