Travel with Bluee

rsz_blog_imageHave you packed your bags yet?

Travelling is, indeed, one of the most exciting things we can experience in life and it’s always best to share those moments with your loved ones. Too bad, we don’t always have the luxury to take them with us.
That’s where Bluee will be your best companion: allowing you stay in touch with your family and friends along the way.

Bluee is happy to remind you that you can use our service while traveling. Here are the two options for calling via Bluee: “Data Call” and “Local Call”.

To keep it simple and easy we offer you to use the option of “Data Call“. Just connect your smartphone to any internet connection and you are free to call your loved ones or handle your business matters from miles away.

If you wish to use the option of “Local Call” while traveling you need to activate a local SIM number in your smartphone, then sign up from that country. For example, if you travel from the United States to Australia, you will need to insert an Australian SIM card and sign up.

Here’s the list of countries, where you are able to make “Local calls“:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States

And remember that we are always there, ready to assist you. Our Customer Support Team is at your service 24/7.
Explore the world and enjoy calling with Bluee!