Build Your Steady Income With Our Referral Program – It’s As Simple As 1-2-3.

Crystal clear voice quality, instant money transfers, reliable service, and low rates

Isn’t that something that you want to share with your friends? Better yet, what if you could MAKE MONEY while enjoying these benefits?

We always look for ways to give back to our valuable customers — this is why we have come up with an easy-to-use “Invite 1-2-3” referral program. To take advantage of this program, just follow these easy steps:

1. Invite your friends

Choose your invitation method and send your personal referral code

2. Receive$3.00when a referred friend makes their first payment for calling

Your friends will receive $3 BONUS as well. They won’t take much convincing to sign up, especially when they find out that after making their first payment of $10 or more towards calling, they’ll get additional $3.

2. Ready to earn more? How about earning 1% commission regularly?

Every time one of your referred friends makes a payment you get 1% of the payment amount. As long as your friends keep using Bluee, you’ll keep earning money!

* Please note that bonuses earned by inviting can only be used for calling.


Step 1. Open your Bluee app

Step 2. Tap on the ‘Invite Friends & Start Earning’ option

Step 3. Enter your information and tap connect

Step 4. Choose your invitation method and send your personal referral code


Just remember: the sooner you refer your friends to Bluee, the sooner you can start making money!


*Interested in earning even more? Consider joining our Ambassador Program
Contact us at with “Ambassador” in the subject line to find out more!