Far From Home? Let Bluee Connect You!

cheap international calls

Millions of people are far away from their home and family, and staying in touch with our loved ones is the most important thing no matter where we are.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology we have a variety of communication options: video, text, voice. Each of us has personal preferences based on what we feel is fastest, easiest, cheapest, etc. For instance, some people feel comfortable calling than texting, and some people prefer video call over the voice call. However, sometimes we have to adjust our choice based on the fact, whether the person we want to connect with has a particular communication channel or not. We’ve all been there when you should call a person who does not have a WiFi/3G or even a smartphone. For this case, there are plenty of apps at the market offering smartphone to landline or mobile calls, however, a simple call can cost you a fortune.

But, don’t worry! Bluee is all about low-cost international calls with the excellent voice quality. You simply buy calling credits in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls. There are no hidden fees or additional charges! We say it with the full responsibility.

Call as often or as long as you like worldwide without worrying about rates. Choosing Bluee you will be able to save a lot of money.

Download the app to explore the world of cheap international calls, unlimited calling plans and possibilities to earn free minutes. Get the most out of every conversation you have with Bluee.

Bluee is currently available on iPhone and Android devices.