Android app coming soon

Make cheapest international calls with AVTMobile’s upcoming Android app.

Fans of AVTMobile’s iPhone app agree that the ability of making cheapest international calls, with perfect quality, is amazing. That’s why AVTMobile is excited to announce its upcoming Android app.

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AVTMobile app is a simple yet inexpensive way to reach out friends and families. It’s very easy to use, you just need to open app, choose your contact and call. No need to memorize international numbers, or scratch cards. No need for Internet *. All you need is just type or select a number you want to call and AVTMobile will make a local call instead.

Use AVTMobile’s Android app to make cheapest international calls with your loved people.  Sign up in AVTMobile Android app and get $1 first entry bonus. Also you can get 10% bonus for each PayPal payment.

 * We need internet just to start call.